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The Four Elves and the Fairy

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Vydavateľstvo perfekt Rok vydania: 2009Formát: 188 x 245 mmRozsah: 40 stránKategória: Deti a mládežIlustrácie: Peter Uchnár

The Four Elves and the Fairy

Ján Uličiansky

Naša cena: 6.30 € Cena v kníhkupectvách: 9.00 €

This charming fairy-tale will take you to the fantasy land of a greeen meadow in the middle of which is found the witness to this ancient story – an old, bushy, spreading oak. You will get to know the four elves that turn the handle of a miraculous barrel-organ, which plays the melodies of the four seasons, and the little fairy Viva who likes dancing most of all to the melody of her beloved spring elf. Also, you will meet Futura, the wicked tree frog, whose greediness tips the world uspside-down! None the less, all that is evil will be transformed into good, and so each season of the year will once again have its irreplaceable tune. The spring, the summer, the autumn or the winter one...

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